Hello everyone,  my name is Edwin Setiawan. I am a self-taught photographer, originally from Indonesia but right now I stay in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2007, I started taking photo with my first DSLR camera, Canon EOS 400D. Most of time I grabbed my camera and took some photos then reviewed them. I selected some good photos and uploaded them in photographer forums then tried to get some feedback from people. I learn photography by this way, and I believe this way is very effective although I know sometimes critiques make me feel bad but for sure they improve me a lot.

On December 2008, I decided to focus on portrait photography. There is no special reason for that as it is simply interesting for me. I think portrait photography is not only about arranging the pose and taking the photo but also it is about making a good harmony between people and the surrounding. In other words, personally I place composition as the most critical factor above pose, expression, and feeling in photography. Technical issues such as metering, white balance, aperture, and shutter speed are important as well but those things will not be a big problem for most of photographers. The other thing that also important is your own photography style and  maybe it can be very different from other photographers. Personally my own photography style contains 7 elements, they are: beauty, elegant, simple, artistic, lovely, natural, and conceptual. I hope these elements really represent all of my photographs. Below I put some of my portrait photographs, just for your reference:

In 2011, some of my friends asking me for taking photos during their wedding day. Honestly I don’t really know how to shoot good wedding photos, I just afraid that I lost many beautiful moments. So I learn some technical and non technical issues for shooting wedding photographs from many sources. After that, I just surprised because most of my friends like my photographs. Seeing again the photos, I think I like to capture kind of wedding journalistic photographs – some candid photos and documentary photos as well.

After shooting several wedding events, I think it’s better for me also for shooting pre-wedding photographs. Shooting pre-wedding photographs are totally different with shooting wedding event. In my opinion shooting pre-wedding photographs are almost similar with shooting portrait. The most important for shooting pre-wedding photographs is “how to capture the love chemistry between the couple”, just that (IMHO). Below you can see some pre-wedding photographs taken by me…

I officialy open pre-wedding and wedding photography service since February 2012. My service actually is not limited only for pre-wedding and wedding – I also available for portrait, maternity, family photography service. I also willing to shooting in other/destination country (just like this blog name: overseas wedding), just let me know if you have special destination location for shooting your pre-wedding/wedding photos. It is a honor for me to be your photographer for capturing important moment in your life. Anyway if you have any question/inquiry just send message to edwin@edwinsetiawan.com , I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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